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Summer Glau Hd Wallpapers

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Interval of Birth
24 May 1981, San Antonio, Condition of state of arizona ( az ) ( az ), USA
Birth Name
Summer Lyn Glau
5' 6½" (1.69 m)
Summer is a local of San Antonio, Condition of state of arizona ( az ) ( az ). She is been an founded professional professional ballerina most of her way of lifestyle. Her launch was in various ads and a visitor overall look on the WB's "Angel" (1999). She has gone on to celebrity on the TV sequence "Firefly" (2002) and is now in the film Leisure (2005).
Thin waifish build
Often functions crazy or psychologically broken characters
Often functions Her functions as a Dancer into roles
Summer unveiled up at the Armageddon Pulp Expo in Auckland, New Zealand in Oct 2006.
Her suggested tv display is "Brothers & Sisters" (2006).
She wants to look at planning reveals.
She is a fan of the Features Kids.
Auditioned for the factor of "Kitty Pryde" in X-Men: The Last Take a position (2006) and had even predicted Joss Whedon (who was composing Marvel's Amazing X-Men comedian at a lot of a while to whose thoughts provided to the tale of X-Men: The Last Take a position (2006)) for support in planning for the factor. Gradually, the factor went to Ellen Web page.

She had not actually seen the Terminator films, before being throw in "Terminator: The Darlene Connor Chronicles" (2008).
Ranked #8 on Expert magazine's "Sexiest Females of TV" historical past (March 2008).
Revealed in a 2005 appointment that she at first auditioned for the factor of Alyssa in "Power Ranger Amazing Force" (2002), and was the developing directors' second option for the factor.
Ranked #37 in this conditions FHM historical past of "100 Best Females in the World".
Ranked #26 in this years FHM UK historical past of "100 Best Females in the World".
Auditioned for, and obtained a assisting factor for the film "Black Swan" (2010). However, the personality was progressively cut from the tale during pre-production levels.
Personal Quotes
Summer Glau
My suggested element about Stream is that she gets to be without footwear so much of your energy and energy and attempt. I don't like footwear very much. The more elements I discuss the more elements she stops up doing, I keep in thoughts in the first display I was considering, 'I really think Stream needs a gun,' and then by display 10 she got one. I'm handling my way up to head.

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